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3D Systems MJP 300W

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MJP 300W

The 3D Systems MJP 300W is a fast and efficient 3D printer designed to create high-quality jewelry wax patterns. Its flexible design helps users produce intricate patterns accurately and quickly. Make perfect jewelry wax patterns every time with the 3D Systems MJP 300W.

Casting Quality

The MJP 300W utilizes VisiJet® 100% wax materials to produce flexible and durable, high-quality jewelry patterns. These materials are designed to ensure reliable performance and consistent results when used with existing lost-wax casting processes and equipment. 

VisiJet wax materials melt like standard casting waxes, resulting in defect-free castings with zero ash content. They are highly durable, making them ideal for handling and casting intricate features. Additionally, their high contrast colors enable easy visualization of fine details. 

Expanded print mode options on the MJP 300W 3D printer optimize quality for various design styles and types of jewelry including improved surface quality. 


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