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Figure 4 ELAST-BLK 10

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Figure 4 ELAST-BLK 10


A rubber-like material for accelerated designing and prototyping of a wide variety of elastomeric products for industrial and consumer goods applications. This black elastomeric material offers excellent compressive characteristics.


Figure 4 ELAST-BLK 10 is a material suited for the prototyping and design of a wide variety of elastomeric parts. Producing parts in a fraction of the time required to produce molded parts, this material accelerates the design and iteration of new concepts with rubber-like functional prototypes for industrial and consumer goods applications.


  • Design verification and validation and testing of:
    • Hoses
    • Tubes
    • Weather stripping
    • Seals
    • Grommets
    • Gaskets
    • Spacers and other vibration-dampening components

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