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Figure 4 TOUGH-CLEAR (1kg)

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Figure 4 Tough Clear

A Clear, Production-Grade Material Offering Long-Term Environmental UV, Humidity Stability and Clarity

Figure 4 Tough Clear delivers long-term stability and a versatile combination of mechanical properties for functional prototyping or end-use parts. It offers high light transmission that can be made fully transparent with post-processing. 

3D printing clear components is a cost-effective manufacturing process for product development. Get visibility into the workings of complex
assemblies, observe gas or fluid flows and reduce product design cycles. Figure 4 Tough Clear introduces long-term stability which minimizes reprints due to resistance to discoloration or yellowing up to 8 years indoors.

  • Applications

    • End-use manufacturing of high volume, small plastic parts
    • Load-bearing handles, cranks, knobs, and levers
    • Structural brackets, snap-fits, and fasteners
    • Lighting covers, cases, and reflectors
    • Lenses and light guides
    • Fast-moving consumer goods and consumer packaging
  • Advantages

    • Excellent clarity that can be further improved with post-processing steps like clear coating
    • Long-term environmental stability of mechanical properties and performance
    • Ability to go from prototype to production parts using clear or transparent aesthetics
    • Prototypes have longer lives and can be reused for longer periods of time
    • Supports functional testing in outdoor settings
    • Automotive fluid and chemical compatibility

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