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The INTAMSYS Funmat Pro 310 is a powerful industrial-grade 3D printer, featuring thermostatic control and dual independent extruders. Its advanced features and high-temperature capabilities (up to 100°C) make it a reliable choice for precision printing of thermoplastics like ABS. Priced at $10,000 Canadian dollars, the Funmat Pro 310 is a great value for industrial 3D printing.

Printing volume

  • Dual: 260x260x260mm
  • Single: 305x260x260mm
Printing volume

Printing capability and nozzle design with IDEX dual nozzle system

  • Independent dual extruder (IDEX), for different printing modes as dual material printing, mirror printing, copy printing
  • Modular design of the printhead, quick-change system for easy installation and replacement and convenient maintenance
  • Dual-drive gear extruder, increase the contact surface for more torque and higher reliability
Independent dual extrusion system (IDEX)

Thermal design for high strength and high accuracy

  • The maximum temperature of the chamber is 100°C, the maximum heating temperature of the build plate is 160°C. It provides fast heating with its high-power output
  • Excellent thermal design reduce thermal deformation of the mechanics and lower the shrinkage of models during printing, avoid warping and increase the interlayer-adhesion
  • The maximum temperature of the nozzle is 300°C
  • High-power nozzle heaters decrease the heating time and ensures that the nozzle is rapidly heated, and the filament is fully melted in the nozzle
Active cooling of the printhead reduces the risk of clogging

Automated mesh leveling for high reliability

  • Different levelling modes with 4×4 or 10×10 points can be chosen
  • Levelling is only required at calibration, no need to repeat it before every print job

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